Building a better world is what we do.

Be on the cutting edge of 3D visualization technology and help us revolutionize the building industry.

Our story in numbers

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The VIRTUes behind
our company

Our culture is built upon what we call our VIRTUes. These are the qualities that drive us forward and influence every action we take.


We tinker, we try, we fail, we learn. We are not scared to propose revolutionary ideas.


We hold ourselves and our work to the highest standards and communicate openly.


We strive to build a better world and treat everyone with respect.


Each of us can be trusted in every action we take. We take responsibility for our mistakes so that we may learn from them.


We are students for life. We approach problems with a childlike wonder where every idea is welcomed.


We are generous with our team, customers, and within our communities. We express gratitude and praise openly.

The amazing team behind VIRTUALhaus

Our technology is pretty awesome, but it's the people behind the tech that makes this company great.

Marc Kleinmann

Founder & Chief
Excitement Officer

Abe Robertson

Co-Founder & Chief
Tech Wizard

Chloe Brown

Chief Operating

Pippa Kleinmann

CTO (Chief Treats Officer)

Joe Timmons

Senior Software Developer

Giselle Arbo

Senior UI/UX Developer

Shane Inboden

Technical Product Developer

Laura Dodds

Marketing Manager

Tyler Holmes

Unreal Software Developer

Chelsea Weber

Product Manager

Ralf Daucher

Senior Project Manager

Micah Johnson

Process & Integration

Our Tech Stack

We're always looking to optimize our workflow and find the best tools to help us accelerate. Here are a few that we think are pretty awesome.